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A well-prepared estate plan protects your control of the distribution of your assets, your legacy, your assets, your loved ones, and ensures that your final wishes are carried out according to your desires. Without an estate plan, your loved ones may need to involve the courts (probate), an expensive and time-consuming process, or find themselves at the mercy of general state statutes and laws directing who gets to control your estate and determine who gets your assets. If you are incapacitated without the appropriate estate plan documents, the courts or government must decide who makes decisions on your behalf and who controls your financial and health decisions, but only after expensive court proceedings to establish capacity, guardianship, and conservatorships.

At PayneLess Law, we specialize in a PayneFree experience to create your first set of estate documents. A PayneLess initial estate plan typically encompasses several legal documents, including a will, a revocable trust, a power of attorney (POA), and a healthcare power of attorney (also known as HPOA, an advanced medical directive, or Living Will).

These documents help to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and that your designated beneficiaries receive their fair share of your estate. Additionally, these documents help avoid probate, which is a legal process that can be time-consuming and expensive for your loved ones. Furthermore, an estate plan can designate a guardian for your minor children and a conservator to handle finances, which ensures that their care and well-being are protected in the event of your unexpected death or incapacitation. It can also establish a plan for your medical care if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Without an estate plan, your assets may be distributed according to state law (Intestate Laws), which may not align with your wishes. Your loved ones may also be left to navigate complicated legal processes and disputes, which can cause unnecessary stress and tension during an already difficult time. (Probate)

PayneLess Law™ Helps You Plan for Tomorrow with Confidence

Taking the step to establish a living will and other advanced directives is a profound expression of care for yourself and your loved ones. At PayneLess Law, we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate these important decisions with confidence and ease. Once completed, we can assist you with submitting your documents to the appropriate registry so that your healthcare decisions will be readily available to any healthcare provider in an emergency.

Contact PayneLess Law at 480-420-7199 or schedule a free consultation to learn how to plan for your healthcare decisions today. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your wishes are clearly articulated and respected, offering you peace of mind for the future.

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